A Breakthrough in Walking Canes

The Delta Cane is an Innovation in Walking!

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Variable Length Cane makes walking up steps and stairs a breeze!

". . . the only cane recommended by Orthopedic Doctors!"

You can view a demonstration of this ground breaking can a:
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The American made Delta Cane is a major breakthrough in orthopedic walking canes that otherClick to see larger view cane manufacturers as well as orthopedic brace manufacturers have ignored. The Delta Cane can speed rehabilitation and restore posture by walking with a proper fitting cane at all times.

You can now experience the ability to go up and down stairs with ease. The cane adjusts to the correct height for each step while the user remains upright and most importantly, the body's center of gravity remains centered over the feet.

The ergonomically correct grip features easy thumb-operated control that permits extension or retraction of a telescoping section at the bottom of the cane. After the cane extends, it is latched into position by a fail-safe dead bolt, thus the Delta in the name; the cane automatically latches on thumb release. For users who have compromised hands and wrists, the formed handle makes it possible to control the cane with little or no finger strength, and they can still walk with this cane without having to resort to stabilizer platforms; added weight on the tip of traditional heavy canes can further stress wrists and hands, causing more damage. more . . .

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Cane easily adjust to the height of steps.

  • Light weight, less then a pound.
  • Adjustable height assists the user to go up or down stairs and ramps.
  • Shortened length helps the user to get out of sofa or chair.
  • User remains upright, avoiding the tendency to fall.
  • Removable spike for walking on ice.
  • Retracts compactly to fit into a shopping basket.
  • Provides a wonderful leaning post while standing in line.
  • Ergonomically advanced grip reduces strain on the wrist.
  • Fail-safe, self-latching mechanism. more . . .


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